Welcome to Robot Boil House

Where technology meets flavour!

Our robots will be your hosts and food runners, guiding you to your table and serving up our signature seafood boil.

Come experience the perfect blend of innovation and traditional cuisine.

Check Out Our New & Popular Dishes!

Lobster Roll


Delicious Lobster between two buttered brioche buns. Served with Fries

Seafood Party


Platter of; Lobster(1lb), Snow Crab Legs(0.5lb), Shrimp(0.5lb), Mussel(0.5lb), Clams (0.5lb), Mixed Vegetables

Luxury Seafood Party


Platter of; King Crab Leg(1lb), Lobster(1lb), Shrimp(0.5lb), Mussel(0.5lb), Clams (0.5lb), Mixed Vegetables

Lobster Bisque


Decadent Lobster Bisque brimming with the flavour of lobster we all love!

L.S. Seafood Party


Platter of; Snow Crab Legs(1lb), 2 Lobster Tails(3oz ea), Black TIger Shrimp(0.5lb), 2 Kinds of Mussels(1lb), Mixed Vegetables

Snow Crab Legs(1lb)


Two clusters of delcious Snow Crab Legs with your choice of 2 vegetable sides

Robot Boil House